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My Story

Hi. My name is Allison Schultheis. I go by Allie. I have been counseling since 1999 after obtaining a Masters in Social and Community Psychology and hold LPC licenses to treat clients in Arizona and Colorado. Ive been married for 27+ years to my husband and we have 2 adult children - Yikes! That being said, i've negotiated hard challenges and choices as a mom, wife and professional. Engaging in my own therapeutic growth has been a priority throughout.  Im a real person with real problems getting my own help to find solutions and learned through experience the value of being interconnected with God, self and others.

I have a deep heart for those who are isolated, in pain, or grieving personal loss. I have experience in intensive based Family Therapy, Groups, Individual therapy, and Couples therapy. In addition, I receive and have been trained in phone based/video counseling services since 2012 and am quite comfortable with this modality.

I provide Christian Counseling based on the Cloud Townsend Growth Model of Character plus Competency.  I’ve invested 10 years of participation in education and mentoring with Cloud Townsend Resources trainings, the Townsend Leadership Program and life coaching. This model incorporates the elements of Grace, Truth and Time to our growth in developing an interdependent system of support.  My style is eclectic pulling from Reality Therapy, Psychodrama, Object Relations and Client Centered Therapy, and Life Coaching.

Issues you may be struggling with that I may be a competent fit for would include:

  • Releasing shame

  • Grief and Loss

  • Trauma

  • Sexual/Physical Abuse

  • Spiritual Abuse

  • Building healthy safe relationships

  • Developing boundaries

  • Co-dependency

If you need a counselor who comes alongside you to help you find a place you can release shame, reach your own goals, grieve losses, and live life well within reality, I may be a good fit. Your treatment plan will be your goals within the areas of clinical health, functional success in your work and parenting roles, spiritual growth, meaningful relationships, and developing and taking risks in defining your gifts and talents.  My desire is in developing a life producing relationship with you where you know I am for your growth and success. And then, help you develop your own team of support.

I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those dealing with challenging life experiences. Therapeutic investment and work can be difficult at times so your well-being is my number one priority, and I go above and beyond to help you to feel and be safe through any obstacles. Get in touch with me today for more information.

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